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Monday, 10 September 2012

Small Businesses Choose Ethernet First Mile for Internet


By Sean Thomson, Director Indigo Technologies

The new Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, has vowed to cut the red tape that’s been holding back broadband projects stating that superfast broadband is vital to secure our country’s future – to kick start economic growth and create jobs. So are the days of inadequate broadband speeds and connectivity soon to be behind us?

These issues have been a major irritant that have hampered companies across the UK for a considerable time, so it will probably come as no surprise to hear that Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is fast becoming the first choice for small businesses.  It is overtaking the traditional Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) when it comes to the internet and connecting to other offices.

With performance more comparable to that of Symmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (SDSL), EFM provides a highly effective and affordable internet solution allowing the more cost conscious SME to compete on a level playing field with large international organisations.

EFM is ideal for those who require a higher bandwidth than is achievable on traditional ADSL, without the expense of fibre based leased lines. Surprisingly for speeds of up to 10mbps, EFM could save companies up to 65% of the cost of traditional leased lines.

EFM services in the UK have been designed to deliver business-class levels of service by offering a high speed, secure, reliable, and dedicated connection. This means bandwidth is not shared with other customers, eliminating the likelihood of the connection slowing down at busy times of the day. While it is rare for internet connections to go down, when it does, it can prove extremely costly to a business; not only harming profits but reputation too.  

Unlike traditional leased internet lines, which use fibre to connect to the local exchange, EFM uses bundles of twisted copper cabling known as copper pairs. The utilisation of multiple copper pairs reduces the risk of connection loss because if one circuit is hit by a fault, there is at least one other one providing a working
connection. If outage does occur, businesses are covered by a service level agreement of six hours.

This is a major advantage over ADSL, where it could take up to five working days for it to be fixed. That’s why businesses that need connectivity, should consider getting EFM, even if ADSL would be adequate to meet their bandwidth requirements.
While EFM is becoming more widely available, as the government is trying to meet its goal of seeing 90% of the UK on connections of 24Mbits/sec or more by 2015, many rural businesses will have to continue to suffer poor internet service. For those who can benefit, they will need to consider which EFM network operator they choose as costs and features may vary.

Indigo Technologies is the biggest supplier of HighNet EFM in Aberdeen and can advise companies on the most suitable internet solution.

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