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Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Winning Diet for your IT Systems

In an increasingly mobile and flexible working world, Thin Client Computing provides a versatile IT systems design for small and large organisations alike.

In a Thin Client environment employees do their computing on a virtual desktop residing on a central server. Users access the environment through a Thin Client - a simple computing device that contains no hard drives or other moving parts and relies on the server for all computing resources.

Leading Aberdeen based information technology specialist Indigo Technologies has seen a recent upsurge in the switch from the traditional Fat Client, which provides functionality independent of the central server, to a Thin Client Computing system.

Sean Thomson, Director Indigo Technologies, discusses who should consider adopting this system and the benefits to be reaped:

“Thin Client Computing is an ideal solution for any company currently facing issues such desktop replacement, data access for mobile and remote employees, network security, and supporting application hardware on diverse hardware. It also provides flexibility required for growing companies with increasing staff numbers.
“Enhanced security is an attractive benefit to any company and as Thin Clients have no hard drive, it allows for more secure storage of data and applications on the server. In fact the only things to be sent between the client and the server are keystrokes, mouse activity, and screen images – all of which are easy to replace if lost, stolen, or damaged.

“Again, the absence of a hard drive, fan, or other moving parts means Thin Clients offer increased reliability, with it being less susceptible to viruses and malware, and longer lifespan with fewer parts to breakdown. This makes Thin Clients ideal for the more challenging work environments, for instance those which are dusty, remote or space-constrained, which would take their toll on traditional PC hardware.

“The management of a Thin Client system can be streamlined. They are extremely fast and easy to deploy - they can be set up a matter of minutes and remotely configured and managed. Software updates, virus scanning, and patches can be executed on the server, which ensures all users are up-to-date and running the latest systems.
“All these benefits aside, costs and savings are a critical aspect for any business owner. So it is refreshing to know that in addition to making business operations easier, more secure and efficient, Thin Client Computing can result in significant cost savings.

“Besides the obvious reduction in capital expenditure, Thin Client Computing offers ongoing cost savings.  Maintenance costs are minimised and energy efficiencies lead to significant savings in power usage over traditional desktops. This is realised not only in lower energy costs but in reduced cooling costs by the elimination of heat generating PCs in some cases.

“It’s an accumulation of all these benefits which have lead to Indigo Technologies having seen an increase in this type of business. A trend which we expect to see continue.”

Founded in 2005, Indigo is a leading information technology specialist and provides a comprehensive range of IT support and server virtualisation services to small, medium and large businesses throughout the Aberdeen area. Indigo scooped the ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ award at the 7th annual Northern Star Business Awards. Indigo is a Microsoft Gold and VMware Enterprise partner.

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