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With a variety of telephone lines currently available to your business it’s not as easy as it once was to decipher the right type of line service to benefit your business. Below is a brief description of each of the line types so you can consider which line is the correct fit for your business.

Analogue Lines

These are your basic single lines which enable a single use of a line at a time. They are generally used as a phone or fax line and to give broadband (broadband can only be installed on a single analogue line) access.

ISDN2 Lines

ISDN is digital and both voice and data are sent as digital packets. ISDN can be scaled up to 8 lines meaning 8 calls can take place at the same time. ISDN offers higher quality of sound for voice calls than regular analogue lines by using specialist equipment to convert analogue information to digital format.


ISDN 30 works in the same way as ISDN 2 but can support up to 30 different channels.

SIP Trunks

SIP trunks provide an alternative to ISDN lines by using broadband as the method of carrying voice calls. It offers the perfect way to enable VoIP in your business and reduces the cost of implementing ISDN lines. Offering a highly scalable solution businesses simply order the amount of concurrent lines they require at a low cost fixed monthly fee.

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