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Licensing Options.

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Licensing Options

Taking the pain out of licensing

Below is an overview of all the licensing options available from Microsoft:

Full-Packaged Product (FPP, Retail)

Generally most suitable for home users and organisations with less than five desktop PCs. The licence itself - called an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) - is displayed electronically at the time of software installation. The software discs will be found in the pack along with any documentation (documentation is mostly electronic now).

OEM Software

Gives PC manufacturers and System Builders the ability to provide a limited range of key software preinstalled on a new desktop PC. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) software (such as Windows Desktop, Windows Server and Windows Small Business Server) has more restricted terms and conditions applying to it than if licensed via FPP or Volume Licensing. OEM software cannot be transferred which means that it lives and dies with the machine it was installed on. OEM software must be preinstalled and then resold to another party, the system builder supplying the new PC is responsible for supporting the PC and must issue end user license terms to the third party acquiring the PC.

Volume Licensing Programmes

Are suitable for organisations with 5 or more PCs, though some schemes require a higher level of commitment. There are various options available in perpetual or non perpetual forms to cater for the different needs of organisations. Where a subscription benefit is part of the product, that component lasts only for the term of the scheme. Volume licensing programmes are an easy and generally more
economic way to buy multiple Microsoft software product licences. With volume-based licensing, licences are viewed and administered on a centralised Microsoft licensing site (VLSC - Volume Licence Service Centre).

Software Assurance

Software Assurance is a volume licensing scheme feature offering a broad range of benefits in addition to the basic software product licence. On some volume schemes it is an option to be taken at the time of the licence purchase and on other schemes it is a standard inclusive part of the offering. As well as giving upgrade entitlement, it combines the latest software with tools and resources to help you deploy, manage and migrate your software.

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