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Proactively managing software assets can result in up to a 50 percent reduction in IT labour costs from simplified deployment, purchasing, and support.

Software Asset Management

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Software Asset Management

Optimise Microsoft Software investments with SAM

What is SAM?

Extending across the entire organisation, Software Asset Management (SAM) is a set of processes designed to help you control cost, reduce risk and optimise your investments in Microsoft software. SAM enables organisations, for whom Microsoft technology is an integral part of the running of their business, to improve performance whilst simplifying the management and administration of its software estate.

Why is SAM important?

Businesses that have not undergone a SAM Review are open to the following issues:

  • Unbudgeted costs if software is not licensed accurately
  • Legal and security exposure caused by incorrect or counterfeit licensing
  • Difficulty during mergers and acquisitions
  • Failure to meet corporate governance legislation

An effective SAM review can increase efficiency throughout your business - improving productivity, visibility, and profitability.

Don’t let software hold you back

IT systems and equipment are a critical component in the running of a modern business, but the process of implementing; managing and maintaining can, over time, become difficult. A SAM review alleviates that challenge.

When we conduct a SAM Review, we look to highlight areas where investment could be scaled back, or where business productivity could be improved by using alternative technology. We help you cut through the fog of maintaining a competitive, efficient and effective operation.

What else can SAM do for your business?

Keeping on top of your IT infrastructure will protect your business from security threats, whilst centralisation makes it easier to identify unauthorised software installations and align IT spend with business priorities with far greater control and clarity. You’ll also be perfectly placed to move from reactive to proactive, modelling and preparing for future software scenarios and investment needs. Management will be impressed.

Reduce Risk

Improving license visibility reduces the risk of incurring fines for using software beyond license end, and also helps you work out what your business really needs.

Reduce Cost

Identify redundant software and streamline licenses that you are not using, removing any unnecessary expenditure.

Reduce Complexity

Centralising license control and policies provides accurate business foresight, and makes it easier to identify true user need for simplified management.