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Wednesday, 19 November 2014


For many years the stereotype of IT workers has been unhelpful people in call centres advising frustrated customers to “switch it off and back on again.”

However, a leading North-east IT and software technology firm is attempting to help the industry shake off that image with one of its experts delivering lectures to university students.

Sales manager at Aberdeen firm, Indigo Technologies, Aileen Scott, will speak to Computing students at the Robert Gordon University (RGU) later this month to highlight how the IT sector has changed in recent years.

Aileen’s lecture will focus on encouraging more people, particularly young women, to enter in industry and to prove that it is no longer dominated by stereotypical “geeks” as portrayed in TV shows such as ‘The IT Crowd’.

Aileen said: “I am really looking forward to going in to RGU to speak to the students and show them just how diverse the IT world has become. As technology continues to change and evolve, these young people are at the forefront and, quite probably, will know far more about using tech in day-to-day life than most.

“Ultimately, computing and IT is no longer just a career for techy people, or so called geeks, but is an exciting sector to work in that continues to grow and offer great new opportunities.”

As well as offering telephone support to clients with their day to day computing woes, the specialist firm, which delivers IT solutions to a range of small organisations as well as global oil and gas companies, also supplies state-of-the art satellite broadband, cloud computing systems and server maintenance and upgrades.

Senior lecturer at the School of Computing Science and Digital Media at RGU, Dr Julian M. Bass, said: “Having industry experts, such as Aileen, coming to RGU to deliver guest lectures is at the heart of how we train our students for the world of work. As a RGU graduate herself, the student body can relate to her experience and draw inspiration from her career development.

“Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that they leave the university and continue into a job or postgraduate education and our links to industry through guest lectures and placements are key to us having a university-wide graduate employment figure of 82% with the figure at 100% for our computing students.”

As well as universities, Aileen has also spoken to school pupils and recently attended the Alford Academy careers fair to encourage students to carry on an interest in IT on to university.

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