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Granite or metal, GeoWeave can ensure a wireless signal can be accessed from any device.

GeoWeave Wireless.

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Zero configuration, plug and play wireless

As wireless networking continues to spread and evolve at rapid speed, some users find that their standard 802.11g wireless router does not reach all corners or their business premises.

GeoWeave wireless creates ultra low-cost, zero configuration, plug and play wireless mesh networks that spread an Internet connection throughout a business, hotel, coffee shop, shopping centre and just about anywhere else. No matter what the construction of the building may be, granite, metal or any other type of construction, GeoWeave can ensure a wireless signal can be accessed from any device in any part of the building.

Save Money

By eliminating the need to install cabling throughout the building to provide network access to typical wireless access points, GeoWeave can save up to 70% in providing a full wireless networking solution.

Central Management

GeoWeave provides powerful and intuitive centralized management via a web interface, while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers. GeoWeave’s interface seamlessly manages WiFi deployments with zero-touch access point provisioning, network-wide visibility and control,
seamless firmware updates and more. With an intuitive browser-based user interface, Geoweave’s access points configure in minutes - not days or weeks - without training or dedicated staff.

Enterprise Security

GeoWeave provides complete out-of-the-box enterprise class security. Segment wireless users, applications, and devices; secure your network from attacks; and enforce the right policies for each class of users. GeoWeave’s Guest Access Firewall provides secure, Internet-only guest WiFi in just a few clicks.

Guest WiFi

GeoWeave offers secure, easy to manage guest access out-of-the-box – without extra appliances, licenses, or complex VLAN confi gurations. The built-in firewall provides a complete guest WiFi solution, enabling secure, Internet-only access that protects your LAN and other clients from virus or information leaks. GeoWeave also provides cloud-hosted, customizable splash pages, bandwidth limits, on-the-fly
guest logins, and even content filtering, allowing you to customize your guest experience.

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