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Wireless Networking

With extensive experience in deploying and managing wireless solutions, Indigo are the ideal provider for your wireless needs. From offices to festivals, Indigo have it covered. We can take over management of existing solutions, as well as design and implement brand new solutions to suit your needs.



GeoWeave wireless was specially designed by Indigo in Aberdeen, originally to address the issues with wireless signals in granite buildings. The system works very well and has since been in many varied settings, including granite buildings, modern office buildings, workshops, outdoor yards, festivals and even throughout a castle.

Geoweave also allows for meshing of access points, eliminating the need to install cabling throughout the building in hard to access areas or for price constrained projects, saving up to 70% in providing a full wireless networking solution.


GeoWeave is centrally managed and allows for easy expansion and control. It provides complete out-of-the-box enterprise class security. Segment wireless users, applications, and devices; secure your network from attacks; and enforce the right policies for each class of users. GeoWeave’s Guest Access Firewall provides secure, Internet-only guest WiFi to protect your production network.

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