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A new IT trend is sweeping across Aberdeen and the North East, with increased numbers of companies looking to outsource their IT support to independent IT specialist firms. With more and more businesses downsizing their staff numbers and office space, as well as projects being put on hold or discontinued due to the current climate in the North East, IT has become a significant luxury for businesses.
With thousands of redundancies in the North East in the past six months, internal IT staff have been some of those to suffer due to companies increasingly clearing out their IT departments and turning to independent outsourced IT specialists.

There are a number of positives to outsourcing IT support mainly that businesses are significantly reducing and controlling operating costs due to the costs associated with hiring an employee or number of employees being eliminated. Furthermore, keeping up with technology required to run a business is expensive and time consuming. Because professional outsourced IT providers work with multiple clients and need to keep up on industry best practices, they typically know what is right and what is not. This kind of knowledge and experience dramatically reduces the risk of implementing a costly wrong decision.

Indigo Technologies, who offer a variety of IT services on a non-contractual and short term basis have noticed a sharp increase in the amount of companies who are turning to IT specialists like themselves. Aileen Scott, Sales Director of Indigo Technologies commented, "At Indigo, we’ve seen an increase in our clients over the past 6 months as many North East firms look for the most cost efficient way of managing their IT. We are very flexible and charge our time in 5 minute blocks meaning the client is only paying for exactly what they need and the amount of time we are working on the problem.”

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