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Geoweave: Indigo’s Innovative Wireless Technology


In the digital age, reliable wireless connectivity is crucial for business operations. For many business owners, particularly those in buildings with challenging structures like granite, achieving seamless wireless coverage can be a daunting task. Enter Geoweave, a revolutionary wireless technology developed by Indigo Technologies to solve these connectivity issues effectively.

Geoweave is a cutting-edge wireless technology designed by Indigo Technologies to tackle the challenges of maintaining strong wireless signals in granite buildings. Beyond granite, it performs exceptionally well in a variety of environments, including modern office spaces, workshops, outdoor venues, festivals, and even historical sites like castles.

One of the reasons why Fasque Castle Estate chose to modernise their wireless system with Geoweave was its ability to connect their entire estate without slowing down business operations. Geoweave enables the meshing of multiple access points, eliminating the need to cable the entire premises, including hard-to-reach areas. This led to a straightforward installation process with minimal interference to the castle’s guests and staff. Niki Gillies, operations manager at ICMI, explained, “At Fasque Castle Estate we always put the needs of our guests first, and we were keen to meet their demands for Wi-Fi service, but with minimal disruption to guests staying at the hotel. Indigo was able to offer us an innovative technology that was not only commercially competitive, but also allowed the hotel to carry on, business as usual as the system was installed.”

The benefits of a centralised wireless system extend beyond a convenient set-up. The centralised nature of Geoweave also means that a business can more easily expand, update, and control its wireless system. Geoweave is equipped with a centralized security system, allowing the owner to secure their networks from cyberattacks and manage the policies for each class of user.

                Geoweave stands out as an innovative and cost-effective wireless solution for businesses facing connectivity challenges. Its ability to deliver robust, centrally managed, and secure wireless networks across diverse environments makes it an invaluable asset to any business.

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